Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Orange Chair

As I mentioned yesterday, Kristen & I went to a few garage/yard sales on Saturday. 
Let me say here that I do not care if I go to garage sales. Kristen thoroughly enjoys them, he cannot get up early enough on a summer Saturday morning with the anticipation of potential finds.
However, I cannot deny that once I am out and about I LOVE getting a good deal especially on something old & interesting. Something unique.
I usually don't spend much, if any, money on a regular Saturday, but every now and then something, just that something catches my eye and I want it, I need it! 
This past Saturday it happened....
We're driving up a street and from a distance I can see this bright orange object in the driveway. I'm thinkin' holy cow is that furniture? And I love that shade of orange? And I wonder if it's in good shape? And can Kristen drive faster so we can just get there already?
We pull up, and sure enough it's this awesome orange chair from the 60's. It's in excellent shape (as most furniture that old is since it was actually built to last) and the icing on the cake, it's been re-upholstered and looks BRAND new!
I immediately envision it in our basement, the orange chair with our brown & yellow theme. It would be perfect! It would perfect seating to add to the area where I want to put the computer desk and maybe mini office. 
I look at Kristen and tell him I want it! 
Then the voice of reason kicks in, that's Kristen's voice saying, Christa it's a chair how would we get it home? And you better haggle down the price some....and blah blah blah. In one ear out the other, I don't care what he says I want it! 
So I say..."of course I'll haggle, how much cash do you have on you?" and then I say "well don't you think we could fit it in the trunk but leave the trunk door open?" 
The lady hosting the yard sales hears us and wanders over...she says "so what's holding you back?" We explain we're in a car and she immediately offers her husbands truck and delivery services for free (we only live a few blocks away after all) So I say well how low are you willing to go? She's says a number which was EXACTLY what I had in my head and SOLD, done deal!
I tell her my plans for the chair and she makes a comment about it being an acquired taste which leaves me to believe she didn't fancy the chair, thus why it was in such GREAT condition, they didn't use it.
So here it is....our new furniture piece for the basement. My awesome orange chair :)
It's still in our hallway since I haven't had time to clean it up the way that I'd prefer before officially using it.
Then I asked Boone to "up" on the chair, he did and immediately made himself comfy.
I might be regretting letting him up there in the future....
Oh yeah....definitely regretting
Today's Quote
What I know for sure pets represent in our lives: a connection to caring that's unconditional. And reciprocal. Puppy love. Nothing like it.


Photo Quilts said...

I love it!

Anonymous said...

OMG I love love the chair!!


Tara said...

SO....is this 'your' new chair or "Boone's" new chair? LOL Cute chair! Not my style, but cute nonetheless!!!

Myrna Hynes said...

This is SO my taste...I love it! Great find!

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