Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Baby Update: 22 Weeks

Hey Everyone....I'm now 22 weeks into my pregnancy.
This week I'm feeling tired, well not even tired as much as sleepy. It seems during the day I just keep yawning and want to sleep. By the time I eat dinner, walk Boone, do a few chores I'm full of energy and 11-11:30 at night I'm wide awake and reading in hopes to fall asleep. 
I really hope I'm not turning into a night-hawk or that the baby will decide that night time will be his or her daytime. 
Still a few months to go back to normal sleep patterns, fingers crossed :)
On another note, I'm not sure what's up with Maggie. 
I've had a lot of guilt where Maggie is concerned since we've adopted Boone into our family. And more specifically since Christmas when we moved Boone's crate into our room. Meaning he sleeps in there, which also means Maggie doesn't sleep in there anymore. 
But the last couple of weeks, not only is she more tolerant of Boone, she's being her normal affectionate self with me, demanding attention from both Kristen & I, and even going back into our bedroom....which is usually sleeping in the closet or like this past weekend, completely invading Boone's personal space, like sleeping on HIS bed
Yesterday morning the alarm went off and Kristen nudged me saying "look!" when I looked, sure enough Maggie was asleep on the far right corner of the bed. Where she used to sleep every night before Boone came along. Where was Boone? In his crate RIGHT next to her. I was sooooo happy. I feel like she's finally accepting Boone and if anything maybe a future friendship :)
Well that might be wishful thinking but I'm being positive here people!
Today's Quote
Because animals seem to dwell in the present moment, because their own presence is so instinctive, their attention so unwavering, they offer us a different kind of compassion than humans do. Anyone is lucky to have both human and animal comfort in their lives.
~Brenda Peterson


Tara said...

Poor Maggie...once the baby comes, she may regress :( Poor putty-tat!
I'm happy for you that she is coming around. You are going to be SUCH a good mom - I tell ya! If you are THAT concerned with your putty-tat and dog, your baby is ONE lucky little person!!!

Stephanie said...

When I was pregnant with Rylan he was always really active around 9:30 pm at night-kicking like crazy. This remained true for the first 6 months of his life-he would never settle down to sleep. (Even now has no trouble staying up really late if we let him)

Myrna Hynes said...

Wonder what kitty will be like when baby arrives...Wonder what Boone will be like when baby arrives? hmm...?