Friday, May 8, 2009

Food Friday & Other things

I know today is food friday but I have a few things on the agenda today....
First: Grey's Anatomy!
Without spoiling anything all I will say is I did NOT see that coming but I'm so happy it turned out the way it did.
Second: Mother's Day.....
Happy Mother's Day to my Mom, Grandmothers and Mom in Laws. I love you all very much.
And last but not least....the WINNERS of the Summer Salad Contest. Yes I said winners, there were only 2 entries. So BOTH of you win! 
Daphne & Karen you'll be receiving one of these cute little bags filled with some goodies:
I had to take this photo on my phone since our computer is still down and I'm not able to upload any photos from my camera :(
Both of them entered two salad recipes each so I'll be featuring these over the next 4 prepared, they're good recipes.
Today's Quote:
A mother is not a person to lean on but a person to make leaning unnecessary.
—Dorothy C. Fisher, write

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Photo Quilts said...

Woohoo!!!! I finally won!!!