Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend In Review

It was a good weekend. Not too busy but busy enough.
Friday night after I walked Boone, Kristen suggested we go to the field across the street from our house to do some training with Boone. On our way back to the house, I noticed the beautiful sunset and had to grab a couple of photos
Saturday we finally broke down and bought a new computer. 
Kristen was the WHOLE week literally trying to fix it. Just as we thought he had it fixed & back up and running it would crash, again! So frustrating. We both had enough and off we went to buy one. Kristen decided to buy everything from scratch and build the computer himself. And wow am I impressed! Not only did he do a great job (with the help of a computer savvy friend of ours) but the new features this computer has, well let's just say there were times I wanted to stomp around the house with my arms crossed like a child because I wanted MY TURN to play on our new toy. Oh's that awesome :)
We had friends by for dinner on Saturday evening. And yesterday we picked up my brother in law from the airport and relaxed the rest of the day. And of course talked with our Momma's to wish them a Happy Mother's Day :)
Today's Quote
Fall in love with the possibilites ahead.
~David Whyte

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