Friday, May 22, 2009

Food Friday: Karen's Ranch Pasta Salad

One thing I love about summer is cold pasta salads.
There are soooo many varieties.
Today's pasta salad recipe is one that was submitted by Karen for the summer salad series contest. I'll call it after Karen so we won't mix up all of our cold pasta recipes.
So without further ado, the next installation of our summer salads.....pasta salad!
Karen's Ranch Pasta Salad
375g - Fusilli Vegetable Pasta (cooked)
250g - bacon (fried & crumbled)
4 - hard boiled eggs (chopped)
Cheese (cut into small cubes)
Onion (optional)
250ml Ranch dressing
Mix all ingredients together & chill
Today's Quote

Eat only what you truly enjoy, and truly enjoy what you eat.
~Martha Beck

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