Friday, April 10, 2009

Food Friday: Vegetable Garden

Happy Good Friday!
I hope you're enjoying the day off work :)
Today I'm just going to give a few ideas of things you can plant in your veggie garden this spring/summer.
Some people love ROOT vegetables.
Your root vegetables are carrots, turnip, potatoes, etc. These vegetables are the best ingredients for soups, stews, and who could forget good 'ol newfie Jiggs dinner.
I personally love the veggies that I like cooking with the most, such as:
We're planning on growing bell peppers
and maybe 1 jalepeno pepper plant as well. Just for kicks
Green onions
& regular onions
Snap Peas
These would be mainly for Kristen since he loves them.
Cherry Tomatoes
These are perfect for everything.....we had so many tomatoes last year that we didn't even know what to do with them. So I've suggested to Kristen that we not grow regular size tomatoes and stick to cherry only since they're the ones we prefer. They're perfect for salads, snacks and I love how they cook down when you're putting them in a sauce or in pasta.
And we might plant a few potatoes, location still to be determined.
The rest of our veggies we usually buy at the farmers market in the summer months.
Can't wait til summer, I LOVE the farmers market!
What are you planning on growing in your vegetable garden this year?
Today's Quote:
Digging potatoes is always an adventure, somewhat akin to fishing. There is forever the possibility that the next cast - or the next thrust of the digging fork - will turn up a clunker.
~ Jerome Belanger

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Myrna Hynes said...

I always loved digging up potatoes in my granny's garden...such an adventure as a kid to see how many veggies the roots would yield!