Thursday, April 9, 2009

Baby Update: Week 15

I'm feeling good. Nausea & sickness seems to be finally passing (knock on wood), I haven't had much heartburn this week at all, my back only hurts if I'm on my feet too much. And my bump is definitely getting bigger.
I had one co-worker come to me yesterday and say "I don't want to upset you, but I think you're going to be really big"
I responded with "You're not the first to tell me that"
A lot of people think I'm showing early and showing a lot of belly for only being 15 weeks.
I personally have NO CLUE at all but I feel good, I think I'm normal based on what I've been reading and everyone womans body is different so I'm not too worried.
Even though I must admit being the size of a cow isn't really appealing to me at all....LOL :)
Now on to other matters.....sheep!
I'm sure you ladies are familiar with the conversations that you've had with your girlfriends when you were younger. The plans that you the colours you would have at your future wedding when you weren't even engaged yet.
The names you'd call your non-existant children.
And then how you would decorate the nursery.
Since I was about 19-20 years old I've always known I wanted a "sheep theme" for the nursery. Not cheesy theme where I have sheep themed borders, lamps, switch plates, comforter, curtains, rug, wall hangings, pictures...need me to go on?
I want a pale yellow nursery with all other things white :)
Right now things are going according to plan. I've picked a paint chip in a pale yellow called "newborn" for when I am ready to paint. Not yet...
We're being given a white crib and my Mom is working on a sheep themed quilt for the baby.
I did break down however and actually BUY my first items for the baby this week.
I bought two items:
1) Sheep decoration
It's basically a paper/styrofoam decorative piece that'll look really cute on a nightstand or book shelf.
2) A Plush Toy Sheep
Which is too big for when the baby is born, but she/he can probably play with it once their 6 months or so.
Kristen couldn't quite understand why I was buying these items but I explained sheep are in season right now with it being Easter. If I put it off when I am ready to buy things for the nursery I won't be able to find it since sheep aren't really a popular nursery item per se.
I had all intentions of taking photos of the two items but I was a total slacker with the camera last night....sorry. But I'll post photos soon, I promise.
And that's it for this week on the baby side of things.
Today's Quote:
We should be great, each of us radiant, full of music and full of stories.
~Monica Shannon


Angie said...

If you get a chance, take a look on Chapters website or search Cloud 9 Sleep Sheep on google - it's absolutely adorable. It attaches to the crib and plays either the mother's heartbeat, rain, oceanwaves, or whales. I have one for Joshua and he loves it.

Tara said...

I just want pics of the baby bump! So do twins run in the family?