Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Monday: Weekend in Review

It's Easter Monday, Happy Easter!
I hope you all had a nice weekend....and hopefully a long weekend.
I loved having Friday off, after a couple of hectic weeks it was exactly what I needed.
Friday hubby & I headed to my Aunt's house for our annual Good Friday dinner. It was really nice.
Even Boone had an awesome time, chasing around Nikki
He might have pushed himself a little too much, he basically slept the rest of the weekend....LOL.
I honestly think his muscles were sore from the work out.
My super cute cousin Samantha.....
My brother took this photo. Apparently he stole my camera and took a couple :)
Pretty good shot of her eh? Considering the camera was in manual mode and he has NO IDEA how to adjust the settings.....
My grandparents who are visiting from Nfld, they look great eh?
Good food + good company = Good Times!
Saturday Kristen took Boone with him to run errands and I took MAJOR advantage with all of my boys out of the house.
I was able to do all of my house cleaning, some laundry, some spring cleaning (washed the interior of all my windows plus washed the curtains) and finished reading New Moon (2nd book in the Twilight series)
Everyone kept telling me that this book was slower but still good.
I disagree, I loved this one as much as the first. I really enjoyed the Jacob storyline of this book.
Yes I found it a bit predictable but thoroughly entertaining.
Sunday I went to church since Easter is a Christian holiday and I was invited by my Aunt & Uncle to go along with my grandparents. I'm glad I went, the service was really nice.
After church, myself plus 18 other family members went to The Mandarin
All I can say is YUM! What a treat :)
How was your Easter?
Today's Quote:
"Spring has finally arrived, and with it, renewed hope and a fresh start."

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Myrna Hynes said...

Glad you had a great Easter weekend. Me too! Sarah was so fun hunting for eggs!
I told you "New Moon" wasn't slow! But the next 2 books get better and better so perhaps in comparison it is.