Friday, April 3, 2009

Food Friday: Herb Garden

Thanks for the input yesterday on the bottles & diapers. I appreciate it.
And I might actually be in touch with some of you since I really know nothing about cloth diapers and have a LOT to learn.
Now on to Friday's food post....herb gardens.
Kristen & I plant herbs every spring and I LOVE them.
We usually put them in large square pots and keep them on our deck. That way when I'm cooking, whatever fresh herb I might be needing I just run out to the deck, snip what I need and right into the dish :)
If your weather doesn't permit a herb garden being outside I would recommend starting one inside and then move it outside later in the summer. Or keeping on a bright window sill.
Not sure what to plant?
Well here's some ideas and where to use it:
to be used on your baked potatoes, in mashed potatoes, in omlettes or quiche. These are good if you want a mild "green onion" flavour.
this is excellent mixed in marinades for grilled chicken and pork.
Or mixed with a bit of olive oil for roasted potatoes.
this is the perfect compliment to the rosemary....again with the chicken, pork & roasted potatoes
warning: if you plant mint, plant it in a pot ALL ALONE! It will grow really well and will take over all the other herbs
Where to use? Freeze in ice cubes, crush in drinks (like mojitos)
It also goes well in couscous or on meat like lamb
Parsley is probably my favourite herb cause I find it so versatile. There's not much Kristen & I haven't put parsley in. Especially fresh parsley chopped and added to bread crumbs for homemade shake-n-bake.
I immediately think of tomatoes, pasta, pizza, all the typical italian type dishes. Oregano is a must!
Cut some dill, mix with oil and put on salmon steaks, then grill. YUM! Dill & fish always a good combination.
Even better if you're growing cucumbers and want to make your own pickles!
There's endless options for herbs these are just a few of my suggestions.
Next week I'll be sharing what I'm hoping to plant in our vegetable garden this year.
Today's Quote
Nature teaches more than she preaches. There are no sermons in stones.
~John Burroughs

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Tara said...

YOU ROCK, girl. What size of pot do you use for your patio herb garden? and How many plants do you put in each pot?

Do you think I should start my herb garden in side considering it'll probably be late May or early June before we can plant outside?

Lots of questions: do you do a veggie garden?