Thursday, April 2, 2009

Baby Update: Week 14

I can't believe it's Thursday already....this week has been nuts.
It's month end at work & crazy!
I was late getting home last night which meant my whole evening routine was thrown off. When my routine is thrown off, the time that I take my meds and my Materna are thrown off, if I take them too late at night I find it triggers my morning sickness.
That along with taking turns with Kristen ALL NIGHT to let Boone out since he's very sick with some sort of upset stomach, lets just say I wasn't feeling 100% this morning.
5am I was eating peanut butter just trying to keep myself from getting sick and soothe the nausea.
Now I'm feeling better but boy am I tired :(
In baby world not much new this past week. I've started suffering a bit of heartburn (quite severe on Sunday) but other than that feeling okay. I find I'm even staying up a "bit" later a night. I say a bit because really I don't stay up that late anyway.
Also Kristen & I have started discussing different options of bottles & diapers that we want to use when the baby arrives.
So far we have 100% agreed we want GLASS bottles.
And now we're in debate over re-usable diapers versus disposables. There are quite a few benefits to going with re-usable so we're seriously considering this option.
I know in mentioning these couple of things I'm probably opening the floodgates for opinions and I welcome them, the more knowledge I have the better a decision we can make. But please try to stay positive even if you don't necessarily agree with the choice were making,...I don't think my pregnant hormones could handle it :)
Today's Quote:
"When you grow up and you're different, all you want to do is find a way to be the same. And then as a more mature adult you realize the beauty of thinking on your own"
~Sarah Jessica Parker


Joann Warren said...

Congratulations Christa! If you want info about cloth diapers, we use them with Liam. Also, I have book called "Raising Baby Green" that was a useful resourse.

Tara said...

HOW dare you try and save the environment with cloth diapers and give your baby what's best by using glass rather than plastic? That's just terrible of you!!! TOTALLY kidding my little emotional ball of pregnancy!!! You're too cute.... KUDOS to you for starting to research for what's best for your baby!!! You're gonna be ONE AWESOME mom!

If it means anything to you, if I had it to do all over I would use cloth diapers (or re-usable diapers) and glass bottles!

Angie said...

I commend you for planning to use cloth diapers - personally, it just wasn't for me. As for glass bottles, I recommend the Born Free brand. They're really expensive but I really like the nipple - it's a wide one with a nice slow flow to make it easier for switching between breast and bottle, especially since some babies suffer from nipple confusion....or at least mine did.

Myrna Hynes said...

That's funny cause I was just going to leave a comment that you should contact Joann for more info on cloth diapers. Although I don't use them, I think using cloth is a great option.

Myrna Hynes said...

Oh, and I have used glass bottles. I got a brand a Walmart that wasn't very expensive, not sure the brand. But I had to use different nipples with it because Sarah was a very picky baby with the nipple thing...somehow that just sounds