Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Today is rainy and gloomy. Yet when I took Boone out this morning I could hear the birds chirping. Did I mention I love hearing the birds in the morning? And it's not freezing out which is also a good thing.
A co-worker of mine brought me the "Twilight" book to read. I will start it tonight, will keep you posted on my review.
And other good news, I have some photography stuff coming up. I'm soon shooting the session for my Love contest winner, I have another shoot coming up late April (or around that time) and another late May/early June. I know it doesn't seem like a lot but 3 shoots in the next 2-3 months is awesome for me. I'm really hoping to get out in the next week or so, to get some fresh photos for my photo blog. I'm feeling really motivated this spring season :)
You never know, maybe I'll be in touch for a model or two!

That's it for today's hodge podge post.
Today's Quote:
I've always believed in the idea that each of us has a particular place in the universe where we belong, and that if we find it everything will fall into place and we will flourish.
~Patrick O'Connell


Photo Quilts said...

I bet you will not be able to put the book down once you start :) And then you will instantly need the next three because you will be dying to know what happened.

Holly said...

So my coworker brought me the Twilight book on Tuesday and I cannot put it down! So much for reading it AFTER exams lol. I'm on page 418 and trying to finish it so I can watch the movie this weekend. It's good! I hope you enjoy it :)