Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Favourite 10 Things

As mentioned yesterday I have some photos of our purchases this past weekend.
Along with that, I read a blog post by Justin & Mary (awesome photographers that I follow) about their favourite 10 things.
These items cannot be your dog, husband, etc. I know if I did that, just listing my family & friends would use up all 10.
So in light of being superficial...list your current favourite 10 THINGS :)
1. New Ikea Lamp
2. Victoria's Secret Garden
line of lotions
preferably in the scent: Love Spell
Since I've been pregnant I wear this stuff more than ever!
This is in our basement, finally adding some "homey" touches.
4. Our basement 
 told you it's getting more homey
5. Book shelves
 serving as DVD shelves :)
6. Newfoundland Memories
These shelves are a work in progress, they'll hold our keepsakes and items that remind us of home
7. Twilight
Yep I think I'm hooked.
8. Tim Horton's hot chocolate
Seems to be my craving since giving up coffee.
Well chocolate anything seems to be my craving! Some things never change.
9. Blogs
I'm a blog addict. I love reading blogs.
I have about 20-30 that I check daily about half of them being photography blogs. Even though I'm starting to delete the ones that don't update often or I'm coming to realize that I'm not really a big fan of their style of photography. Or my other reason being that the author of the blog is too snarky
I'm just not big on the "holier than thou" or "I know best" attitude.
There's one photography blog in particular that I follow mainly because it's a reference guide to "other" photographers blogs.
I follow it for the resource but the author of it, meh...not really a fan of her. I would class her as snarky fo' sho!
It really is a much better quality than DVD!
And just for fun....a photo of Boone
Today's Quote:
My greatest luxury is silence.
~Jean-Georges Vongerichten


Myrna Hynes said...

That's so awesome...love how the basement is looking.
Now I'm going to have to do a fav top 10 too.

Heather said...

Your house is really looking good. Wish I could come see it someday but.....my reason for leaving a comment is..

I had to chuckle at the Todays Quote " My greatest luxury is silence" ahhhh...that won't last long, enjoy it while you can as those days are few and far between after children come on the scene!!!LOL

Anonymous said...

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