Thursday, March 19, 2009

Baby Update

I'll really try not to bore you with baby details on my blog, as baby talk really isn't everyone's cup of tea. So after today I'll limit baby updates to once a week :) C'mon....that's not bad, it's an exciting time for us.
First thank you sooooo much to everyone who wished us well and congrats. It still catches me off guard how wonderful people are and how awesome of a support system we have.
Secondly, yesterday I had my first "official" appointment with the mid-wives. I previously had one appointment but it was more of an information session to be sure they're the route I wanted to go. At yesterday's appointment I got to hear the baby's heartbeat....yeah I did!
It was such an emotional moment for me, at first I started to laugh, and then the tears started. All the while I'm still laughing and apologizing to my mid-wife for being so emotional and the laughing kept making my belly shake. She said "it's fine, you're going to be a mommy"
But wow! What a special moment.
I can't wait until my next appointment cause Kristen will be going and he'll get to hear it then too :)
Also there was a lot of "static" while we were listening to the heartbeat, which my midwife explained is the baby kicking. She laughed and made a comment how our baby was already quite the little swimmer.
I'm like oh that's good their fiesty It's all good though, I'd much rather have him or her be squirmy and strong than hear nothing at all.
And finally....I have a lot of family members asking if we're having twins. Mainly because there's quite a few twins in the family (as a whole) so I guess everyone figures our chances are increased at having them. Right now I only know of one, however the midwife said that if there are two it wouldn't have picked up on the doppler yesterday anyway. Not to mention my ultrasound won't be until between weeks 18-22 and only then will something be confirmed. Unless something REALLY stands out to the midwife before that time.
So to my family, relax. We're blessed to have one, no worries if it's two. It's all good :)
Just a sidenote: I think we're only having one but don't tell my family....sshhhh!
Happy Thursday! Don't forget tomorrow is Food Friday!
Today's Quote
Falling in love comes through an illogical but real glimpse of a future possible perfection. 
~David Whyte


Photo Quilts said...

Yeah! Updates! I love it! Can't wait to see you and your tummy in July :)


Stephanie said...

I loved hearing the heartbeat-there is nothing like it. We brought the video camera for the first time Cory got to come along.

Heather said...

heh Christa--I dont mind if you blog EVERYDAY about that tiny bundle of
Keep memories of EVERYTHING as I know from experience ( and after 1 or 2 ) you forget specific things about that child...record, record, record and LOTS of pics toooooo!!!
Loves ya and so happy for you both!