Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Destroyed: One Yellow Kitty

Our research has shown that some retrievers will "baby" their toys
Others will shred them to pieces....
Boone is the latter:
I went and paid EXTRA for this toy. It's built for rough dogs and was supposed to be extra durable.
This one lasted two weeks :(
Bye Bye yellow kitty....poor missing ear.
Remember this toy? His favourite duck....
Had to be thrown out, after pulling out all the fur he managed to tear through and start pulling out the stuffing and trying to eat it. We sewed it up but that didn't last long.
Remember the new toy at Christmas, a pheasant...a new and improved duck if you will
This one lasted about a month. Again with the tearing and pulling out of stuffing.
Did you notice in all of the above photos he's chewing his toys?
Which leads me to......does anyone know of ANY soft chew toys that are some what tough & durable? Please help my dogs chewing obsession  :)
Today's Quote
"If you can look at a dog and not feel vicarious excitement and affection, you must be a cat."
 ~Author Unknown

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