Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Wednesday

Another beautiful sunny morning, not as cold so that's a bonus. I hope this nice weather keeps up til spring...keep on dreaming sista!
Things are good, hubby had to take Boone to the vet yesterday. It appears he has pink eye. Who knew dogs could get pink eye? Hubby also did research and it doesn't appear that it's contagious. Either way we've been washing our hands lots just as a precaution. I did take photos of his eye but I swear as soon as he saw the camera he opened his eyes as much as possible so you couldn't tell :) but I'll try again and if I can get a good shot I'll post it here so you can see poor Boone in his misery. Actually he's not miserable, he's his cheerful normal self. But you can tell it does bother him at times :(
Oh I made the Cornflake Talapia last night that was on this weeks meal plan....hey it's a guideline, I don't go by it to the tee. Anyway this was the first time that I made it so if you're making it tonight, here are my suggestions:
- Make sure cornflakes are really crunched up to more of a finer crumb than a coarse crumb
- Add more than the suggested seasonings (I love the cornflake taste but it needed more kick)
- maybe do an eggwash coating before you dip the crumbs, my talapia wasn't all that moist (since it's a firmer fish) so the crumbs sticking were a bit of a challenge.
Overall I did enjoy the recipe, mainly because I really enjoy the taste & texture of talapia. And as said before I liked the taste the cornflakes put on it.
Also do we have any Gossip Girl fans out there? I've missed the last two weeks and for some reason my PVR didn't record last week. Can you fill me in before I watch this weeks episode? Assuming that my PVR worked, I should check that. Anyway.....yeah please share :)
Okay that's enough rambling
Today's Quote
"My philosophy is that not only are you responsible for your life, but doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment."  ~Oprah


Michelle said...

Gossip Girl has been repeats for the last 2 weeks so you haven't missed anything!

Myrna Hynes said...

my cat eye gets pink eye on a regular's very weird!