Friday, January 2, 2009

Food Friday: Whole Grains

How many of you made a New Years Resolution to lose weight? It seems so many people make the resolution every year, but why make it every year? This years resolution instead should be to eat healthy. That's it, that simple. Forget about losing weight, going to the gym (that you probably hate going to anyway) and just focus on eating healthy. The rest will fall into place....honest....have some faith :)
So food fridays will focus on healthy eating. To start off the New Year we are going to introduce CARBS...da da da...yes carbs. I hate when people say they're cutting out pasta, rice, bread and potatoes...only to lose weight and then start eating them again or eat more of it because they deprived themselves of something they loved. Why fight it? We NEED carbs, our body needs the fibre & whole grains.

Here's some of the health benefits of whole grains (information from Wikipedia)

Whole grains have a greater amount of dietary fiber, as much as four times that found in refined grains, is likely the most important benefit, as it has been shown to reduce the incidence of some forms of cancer, digestive system diseases, gum disease, coronary heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.

The higher fiber content also results in a modest caloric reduction in whole grain foods. Some of these protective effects occur because carbohydrates from whole grains are digested and enter the bloodstream more slowly (as measured by the glycemic index). Many health studies have shown that whole grains have numerous cardiovascular benefits.

Whole grains are particularly rich in complex carbohydrates which help keep the body energized through the whole day. Complex carbohydrates may have a positive effect on weight control.

So this week and part of our healthy eating and food fridays we're giving ourselves a goal.
**Introduce 1 whole grain into our weekly meal plan**

Here's this weeks meal plan that is focused on WHOLE GRAINS! Remember the goal is to introduce 1....If you want to add more than 1 be my guest.

Monday - Chicken Stir-fry with rice
Fry boneless skinless chicken breasts, add frozen or fresh veggies. Seasoning of choice (Kraft catalina dressing with a bit of hoisin sauce is a good combination) and pour over brown rice.
Tuesday - Grilled cheese sandwiches with tomatoe soup
Use whole grain bread instead of white bread for the sandwiches. It's a quick and easy dinner. You get dairy intake, whole grains, and fruit/veggie intake from the tomate soup.
Wednesday - Cheese & Sausage Pasta
Boil italian sausages, poke with a fork so the grease boils out. Remove them and slice into pieces, add to frying pan with onions. Meanwhile cook whole grain rotini pasta. When cooked, add sausage, tomatoe sauce of choice, and mix well. Then over the top add shredded cheddar cheese, or just have the cheese on the table so everyone can add their own desired amount.
Thursday - Grilled Chicken, Roasted Potatoes & Corn
Did you know corn is actually a whole grain and not a vegetable? It is....honest! Frozen corn, canned corn, fresh corn....your choice but it's still a whole grain :)
Friday - Pizza Night
Friday nights are almost always pizza night for us. It started out being that way because we were pressed for time with Kristen playing hockey and all, now we just continue the's nice having a night off. The pizza is usually take out, a frozen one from the grocery store or homemade. This week try buying a pizza made with multi grain crust from the grocery store.

And think this is just the beginning! A whole year of healthy eating to come. I've already had some suggestions for future posts, keep them coming. I'll need all the help I can get. Happy New Year and Here's to 2009 of Good Health.
Today's Quote
"My focus this year will be on how to achieve optimum health, deepen my spiritual connection—and have some fun."  ~Oprah

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