Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Year In Review

It's a quiet afternoon, Boone is sleeping on the floor, Kristen is playing our new PS3 downstairs, I'm enjoying a cup of coffee and thinking....
Thinking about 2008 and my year in review post.
I love my year in review post, I love taking the time to reflect and acknowledge the highs and lows of the past 12 months. I'm a thinker, it's what I do :)
I started January off with my new years resolution to Be Quiet. Overall I succeeded, there's so much I finally accepted and learned about myself.
I've acknowledged that I LOVE photography.
 I always new this but I really took it to a whole new level this year. And it's only the beginning, no I'm not going into business even though in the back of my head there for a while I thought I would. But no....not yet. In time, right now I have a LOT to learn and experience to gain before taking on something like that. Maybe I can make that a 5 year goal :) We'll see....
I've learned I'm not the person I thought I was. I'll get back to this section when I tell you 2009's New Years resolution.
I love and miss Newfoundland more than I thought I really do. More because of my family and friends that are there, but also because of the scenery and lifestyle. I miss waking up and looking at majestic mountains and smelling the salty water. With Mom & Dad being here for Christmas it's more real than ever, I'm dreading saying goodbye to them at the airport tomorrow.
In 2008 there have also been milestones
It's been a year since my Grandfather Ball passed away.
I went to the Dominican Republic
We bought our first new car.
We had an addition to our family....Boone. Who has went from this to....
this....he, he, he  :)
And has filled our home with more laughter and fun,....and some frustration too. Kristen & I were even saying one day we can't imagine life going forward without him. It's been a huge adjustment for me, never having had a dog before, but I'm so grateful for him. Yes there are days I want to pull out my hair, but no regrets he's worth it. I almost understand how parents feel about their children...I know not exactly the same but close enough :)
I got a promotion at work, I'm now in a National position (yes for all of Canada) rather than regional. It's nice to be acknowledged and rewarded for doing a good job.
I took on Algonquin
Watched a best friend get married (and in 2009 watch her have her baby)
And shared so many wonderful moments with friends & family
And celebrated my 1 year wedding anniversary and 10 great years with Kristen
There have been up's and down's for sure, but overall I have no complaints. I'm truly blessed.
Now on to 2009's resolution...
I mentioned that I realized I'm not the person I thought was. There are things about me that I'm just not proud of, so this years goal is simple. To Be a Good Person.....
I haven't narrowed down the details of how I'm going to do this exactly but that's it. That's my goal. I just want to be a good person. Live by the Golden Rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"
Also for 2009 I've decided that Friday's on this blog it will be Food Fridays. I fear I may have bitten off more than I can chew so the focus will be on food, from nutritional information, to new recipes, and to of course meal plans! Hope that's okay.
My photography blog will continue on....whatever happens there, happens. Just going with the flow.
And I think that's it for today....hoping to have a food post up on Friday and then next week will get back on track with regular posts and all the Christmas & New Year's photos and updates.
Today's Quote:
"A man's fortune must first be changed from within"  ~Chinese Proverb

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Ferran said...

Hi. I was just strolling around blogger, stopped by and read. Don't want to go without saying happy new year, and good luck with the resolutions for 2009.
Greetings from Barcelona.