Wednesday, November 21, 2007

In Memory of Fred Louis Ball - 1919 to 2007

It with much sadness that I do today's grandfather Ball or Pop as I call him passed away last night. He'd been sick since April, that we know of....and last night he had enough of the pain & suffering and is now gone to a much better place.
I say, that we know of, because Pop is "old school" he would never admit he wasn't feeling well, he would never go to the Dr, and just wouldn't give up and take it easy like sometimes old people should do. When my Aunt & Uncle tricked him to bring him to the Dr in Sept I think it was...yes they had to trick him, my Aunt hopped in the car and said we're going to the Dr. And you know what Pop's response was...."Why...who's sick?"
Yes....who's sick...well you off to the Dr they went. It's been just over a month since he was admitted to the hospital and it's been a very difficult month. First because it's hard to hear my parents tell me how he suffered and secondly because I've never had someone this close to me in my family pass away. I remember 3 of my great-grandparents but I was young when they all passed so this time feels different. I'm old enough to understand now.
I just want to share a few pictures from my last visit with Pop & Nan this past Aug 27th during our trip home to Nfld.
I have no idea what Pop & I are laughing at here...could be Kayla taking the picture, he wasn't much for cameras.

And this is me fighting with Nan & Pop to let me help them do the dishes and clean up from lunch. Pop was even lifting up the VERY heavy chairs and I pratically had to race him to get to the chairs before him. No reason for him to be doing that but in Pop's mind, no reason for him not to be either I guess.

Then of course, the family photos...just in case. Everytime I visit my grandparents I know it "could" be the last time I saw them, I just didn't know it "would" be this time.

The three of us, in the kitchen that slants down into the side of the hill. I love that house, it's sooo old and full of great childhood memories.

And my favourite picture and last picture of Pop....he's grinning at me cause he had just finished saying put down that 'ol I'm like just one Pop, just one :)

I have so many great memories, he would always let me play with his hair (well the comb-over that he had) and I remember once getting a comb so badly tangled that it took Nan at least 10 minutes to get it out of his hair. We have pictures of when I put all my favourite bows in Pop's, Dad's and my Uncle Scott's hair. He was just that type of guy...goofy and fun. Would let the grandkids do whatever.

I remember he always smelled like soap.

I don't remember him having a bad temper per se...but I do remember him yelling at us if we were being unruly or out of order. That's when we were way younger.

He was always peeling seemed like whenever we went to visit they always cooked big meals. Fish and potatoes, jiggs dinner with potatoes...Pop was always peeling potatoes.

He always helped Nan with the dishes.

I remember driving around in the trunk of his green station wagon.

And my favourite memory was having a glass of Big 8 cola with him in August. I had water poured up and Pop kept bugging me...have a glass of coke, have a glass of coke. He would pour up a "drop" as he called it, drink it, then pour up another I said hold on Pop I'll have a glass of coke with ya. I remember Kenda & Kayla laughing cause I was trying to get my water drank so I could have a glass of coke with Pop. I'm so glad I had that glass of coke, I know it doesn't mean anything but life's too short to not share and appreciate the little things.

Rest in Peace Pop, I'll miss you.


Daphne Hughes said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your Pop passing away. I know how you feel, having lost both of my grandmother's already. It's so hard to let them go but you just have to be strong and remember that he is in a MUCH better place and with no more pain. I'm happy to hear that you had some great last memories with him. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post Christa. So sorry for your loss hun!! xo


Stephanie said...

Very sorry about the loss of your Pop.