Thursday, January 15, 2009

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Okay so I'm experiencing technical difficulties here today. Which means I can't add a feature to my blog that I was hoping too :(  Even a couple were mistakenly removed (will have to fix tonight)
What I'm going to do is add a label to all posts food related, whether it's meal plans, recipes, etc. in a way to create a "quick link" for you. So down the road when I'm not doing meal plans's only for 2009, there'll be back links for future reference.
Also on my photo blog there's a post about a new product I'm offering this year, storyboards. I know for some computers its hard to view the photos due to your computer settings. It's because I use a photo server which allows me to post "large" photos unlike the tiny ones I post on this blog. Just an FYI in case you're one of the people who's having that problem.
And on the same topic of storyboards, big shout-out to Tara, who sent me an email to make my storyboards even better!!! Can't wait to show you those...hee-haw!! I'm still learning people, so any & all information you want to share, I'm more than open to hearing, seeing, learning.
Today's Quote
"I am a sponge, teach me!"   ~ Christa (yeah I just made it up)
Happy Thursday!

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Holly said...

Cute quote :)