Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I'd like to apologize if my new blog template/colours frequent changing as of late has been aggravating you. I'm a person who bores easily and I needed an update, that being said I just couldn't find a template & colours that I liked.
I do like my new colours and layout :) so hopefully it'll stay this way for a while now. I also edited my settings a bit to allow for larger photos which means depending on the size of your monitor it might affect how you view my blog. Again sorry if it's an inconvenience.
I'm also hoping to update my photo blog but that's towards the new year more so than now.
Don't really have a lot to ramble about today....
Here's a's some weird wasp/bee thing that Kristen took a photo of while we were at Middle Brook in Newfoundland. Freaky eh?
And today's quote:
"We are never the worse for our dreams...."  ~ Lyn Hejinian

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