Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Nfld - part 3 & the end

I missed posting this photo of Kristen & Hayley yesterday...this is where they were playing together. Seriously you should see the two of them....it's so sweet watching big brother (who really could be her dad) and little sister having so much fun.
We had a 4 hour (I think???) stopover in Halifax so Kristen's mom made the drive out to visit with us. It was nice seeing her since we hadn't seen her since our wedding last summer. I'm lucky to have such a good mom-in-law.
My friend Amanda also drove to the airport to see me....this girl was my best friend when I was in gr. 11 and she in gr. 12 and even though we're not "as" close and things change once you move away from home I still love her to pieces and know that I can talk to her anytime if need be :)
It's been YEARS since I'd seen her last maybe 4-5 years or more??? But it was awesome to see her and pick up where we left off.
Then it was time to say goodbye and as we're getting ready to go we see this life-size poster board of some "mounties" since these ladies are single we made a joke of them hitting on them :)
So....Amanda did....LOL :)
And Bev being the Mom, totally gave her heck for it, which I thought was HILARIOUS since they just met :) he he. It was all in fun though and a good way to make the goodbye happy instead of sad :(
Then a couple hours later we were back home and trying to absorb our whirlwind of a weekend.
Miss home lots and lots....and miss Amanda & Bev lots and lots too :(
Our next visit will hopefully be a bit longer.
Also head over to the photo blog, I've added some new posts since last week.

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