Monday, September 8, 2008

Nfld - Part 2

Today I'll be featuring Kristen's family while we were in Nfld this past summer.
First his Papa :) He's not much for the camera so I have to take snaps when he's not paying attention to me. He even has a nickname for me cause I'm always taking photos...I don't think it's meant to be a good one either?!?!?!  :)
Then Baby sister Hayley, who turned 3 on our wedding anniversary. She is HILARIOUS! She loves the outdoors, sports, being in the garden,.....quite a strong personality.
Here she's going to play hockey with a baseball and glove. Notice the helmet on backwards....note she was having a phase that if you laughed she immediately thought you were laughing AT her...even if you weren't and she would start to cry. So picture me trying not to laugh (which makes it worse) to the point, tears were rolling down my face trying to keep it in not to offend the poor little thing....I love her soooo much!
Then Older Baby sister Samantha, who didn't spend much time with us since she now has the boyfriend and she's just at that age where friends are WAY more important than family. I remember being that I understand her not wanting to be around's okay :( Just ya anyway!
And Kristen's Step-mom Paula who was playing with Hayley and I think possibly having just as much fun :)

Miss them all so much.
Tomorrow our stop-over in Halifax where we visited with Kristen's Mom and my friend who I hadn't seen in YEARS! Literally!
Today's Quote:
Why Always, 'Not Yet?' Do flowers in spring say 'Not yet?'  ~Norman Douglas

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