Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Tristan!

Happy be-lated 2nd birthday....since it was yesterday.
On Saturday we hosted Tristan's 2nd birthday party. It was lots of fun, soooo cute seeing his reaction to the gifts, cake, and the singing of happy birthday :)
Here he is when he first arrived....let's say the hat didn't stay on long
Stupid hat...  :(
Kristen & I gave him a new pair of "Go Diego Go" running shoes
One of his Aunties gave him a new puppy....oh oh...a new favourite possibly??
My brother showed up later in the day, and apparently the only person Tristan knows with facial hair...LOL!
Here Blaine would tug on it, then Tristan would tug on it....too cute!
Then on to some birthday cake, here's his confused expression when we all started singing happy birthday. I'm sure in years to come that expression will change.
To Tristan....here's to many many more birthdays! Love you :)

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