Thursday, August 28, 2008


Last week it was Kristen & my 1 year wedding anniversay, the week before that it was our 10 year anniversary of being together. You know what we did to celebrate? Nothing!
I know it's shameful. But my excuse is, we overbooked the summer, we have a new puppy and too many other things have been occupying our minds.
I'm happy we've been together so long, I'm happy we've been married for a year. And no I'm not downplaying the importance, we just didn't do a big celebration for it.
So today I honour my hunny and say thanks for being there for me, being soooo supportive these last couple of weeks where I've been GLUED to the computer to process my latest photo shoots, being an awesome husband, who I do NOT take for granted, and for simply loving me :)
Here's to many more adventures and years together!
And to my parents, who celebrated 32 years together yesterday. I love you and it's you that is my example for my own relationship, marriage and future endeavours. My dad the musician, my mom the artist (quilt maker) who pursue their passions in life despite any obstacles life may throw at them.
My dad who's such a hard worker, who makes sacrifices in some areas to be able to live the life he see's fit, to live the life that makes him happy.
My mom who said enough is enough and opened her own business to do what she loves. And is doing well at it :)
You're both my inspiration & encouragement. You support my decisions (even though you might not agree) and make me feel loved & accepted. You're both the parents that I hope to be someday.

Today's Quote:
"This is your Life. This is your Journey. YOU are the hero....." ~ Lee Smith

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