Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Years Resolution - September Style

It was a great long weekend. We had a bbq with friends, I accomplished a LOT of little things that had been bothering me and I even had time to relax.
Didn't take a lot of photos this weekend, mostly of Boone truthfully. So I'll post a couple of those tomorrow, but don't worry I won't be like those new mothers who all they ever do is talk about their kids and only ever send pictures of their kids and forget that life still goes on even though they're a mom now. However, that being said I totally see why they're the way they are...I love my puppy :)
Be assured though this is still a blog about Christa and not my puppy ....lol.
Anyway enough rambling....
Do you feel that after Labour Day weekend its like New Years all over again? A fresh start, a new school year? I do....it's this time of year that I like to re-evaluate my January New Years resolutions and goals and see where I am and where I want to go these last 4 months in 2008.
My resolution this year was to "Be quiet" and for the most part I've done well....I've learned a lot about myself. Some good, some bad....both I'm working on.
The bad.....
I've learned that I'm not a good listener, I mean that literally. I find I cut people off when they're talking to me or I'm already formulating my response to something they said even before they've finished speaking. But I'm doing better with changing this, now that I'm more concious of it. There are other things too but admitting one flaw is enough for today and this post :)
Now the good....
I've admitted things to myself that I was kind of in denial about. Things that I really want deep down for my life (and my life with Kristen) but was afraid to truly admit. Feels good being honest with myself and now that I've realized these things I am taking steps to make my life more along the lines of those desires.
So today I re-commit myself to my resolution. To change my goals to suit these new discoveries and to keep moving foward. Check out this post on Zen Habits
AND...check out my photo blog....new photos today.
Happy Tuesday!

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