Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Weekend In Review

This past weekend Kristen & I went to Nfld!!!
It was one of my best friends' wedding and it was beautiful, perfect, such a great time :)
We weren't going to go, but things worked out with Air Miles so we booked it and off we went.
Thursday we left directly from work to go to the airport, we finally arrived in Nfld and showed up at my Mom's & Dad's door un-announced at 1:45am was pretty funny hearing my mom on my cell going "hello...." because she was half asleep and the reception poor. It was a happy surprise though. My parents stayed up til around 3am with us then bedtime, Kristen & I were pooped.

Up again at 7:30am to spend as much time as possible with the family. Then after dinner we headed to Rocky Harbour for the 6pm rehearsal. Kristen was a groomsmen, that evening Jen, Myrna & I spent some time together catching up, spending time with old co-workers/friends, then met up with the guys and more family that was home visiting for the wedding. To bed again around 3am.

Up Saturday at 9am, relaxed most of the morning had a couple cups of coffee. Then Kristen headed out in boat with his Aunt & Uncle and I started getting ready for the wedding. I then spent the rest of the afternoon with Jen, her sisters and the rest of the family. Ceremony was at 6pm (I think we were a bit late?!?! I honestly don't know because I feel like I was going around in and was amazing. It was on a beach setting at Western Brook that I didn't even realize existed in Nfld. It was just like a beach down south! Everything was perfect....sunny, warm, light breeze. After lots of pictures, it was time for dinner and then the dance. After the dance some of the bridal party (not the bride & groom) went to an 'after party' finally made it home at 5:30am I think Kristen would have stayed out later but I was exhausted :(

Up again at 11am on Sunday to head back over to Bonne Bay to spend some more time with the family. Up to this point Kristen hadn't even seen his Dad. And Monday at 1pm was headed back to Deer Lake airport. Quite the whirlwind of a weekend, little sleep, and too little time. But sooooo worth it.

I'm working on the'll see those soon! I promise :)Til Tomorrow!

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