Friday, July 25, 2008

Jen & Chris Wedding

It is with MUCH pleasure that I present these photos to you today. I apologize there's only a few BUT I have soooo many favourites that it was really hard to choose. These are the ones I picked so you have a "feel" for the day.
Jen & Chris have been together for 10 years (as long as Kristen & I) and when they lived in Ontario were a couple of the friends that we spent most of our time with. From hanging out at their house, which included a lot of scrapbooking, watching hockey and the infamous meals where Jen would literally cook a 'scoff' for 6-8 people but it could feed up to 20 people :)
It was sad to see them move back to Nfld but I'm happy to see things have worked out and they are so content & happier then they could ever be with their lives there.
Now on to the photos....
Friday night, the rehearsal
The day of the wedding, Jen getting her hair done by "Stephanie" the local hairstylist. I'd link her website if I knew what it was??? Sorry Stephanie
Time to put on the dress & the finish touches
One last glance (I think I might re-edit this one to black & white like the above, what do you think?)
Now take me to the Chapel, no wait...beach...."goin' to the beach and we're gonna get married...."
Jen & Chris, the Bride & Groom, the Mr & get the idea
The parents, this is one of my favs of the family. Far left, Chris' Mom, Jen's Mom, Chris's Dad, and then Jen's Dad. Don't ask why they sat in that order, they just did :)
The let me tell you...Jen has the BEST sisters. And I can say that because I don't have sisters but if I did I'd want them to be JUST like hers. Far left, Lisa & Tracey. Middle her nieces Shelby & Sarah and back right her sister Charlene, and childhood friend Angie (who she made a pact with as little girls that they'd be each others maid of honours and the both kept it, how cool is that?)
This "was" my favourite pose of the guys until my cousin (who's "like" my sister) made the comment that it looked like a Backstreet Boys photo...which it totally does. Oh's still my favourite of 'da b'yes :)
Jenny....chillin in the water
My favourite of Jen, I think because I tried a new "texture" technique on this one. What do you think? I know that's twice I've asked that in this post now...sorry just looking for feedback.
The pretty candles & white lights on the head table.
The girls.....sooooo happy we got to spend some time together. Short & Sweet!
More photos (and some duplicates) on my photo blog...head on over...but not quite yet...I have to finish this post first.
Have a great weekend & Happy Friday!

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