Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Puppy Update

This past Saturday Kristen & I went to the breeder for a meet-n-greet with our future puppy.
We still don't know which one for sure that we're getting because they were all so AWESOME! We do know that it will be a female.
Here's Mom "Gabby" and all the little puppies
And here's "Blue" (cause he wore a blue collar) who just stole my heart but he's a boy and we didn't plan on adopting a boy. Isn't he just too cute? Kristen & I spent pretty much the whole drive home talking about if we should get two puppies just so we could get "Blue" too but it's just not feasible both financially and on a personal level, I'm not good with training dogs like Kristen is and it would be too much at once :(
This is "pink" who we both loved but I think Kristen more so than me. She almost came right to his hand when he called her but hesitated and changed her mind when she only had a couple more inches to go, here's where she went instead....to sleep.
Then there's Yellow...who's actually much darker than this if it were a better photo, which I LOVE! Who Kristen & I also think is the dog we'll end up getting. For a few reasons....first the breeder specifically asked us if we liked yellow....she didn't do that with anyone else. She also said that she seems to be a bit timid and needs to go to a certain type of home so she can get the socialization that she needs. And then a few other minor things that pretty much convinces us she's the gal we're getting. I personally think she's great (outside of Blue who I still want to adopt as well) ....so we'll see...only 3 weeks to go and we'll be parents :)
Happy Tuesday!

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