Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pontoon Day

Last weekend, Kristen, Blaine (my bro) myself & some friends rented a Pontoon for the day. We had a great time! It didn't cost "that" much and was well worth spending the day on the water.
Here's Kristen being the Captain...ahoy!

Here's Reed taking his turn :) (not really, we were anchored here) Cute though isn't he?
The whole family - enjoying the day
My bro! Who caught some big fish by the way :)
Jason & Holly

And the group shot! I almost need to re-edit this picture because I don't like how the 'burned edge' makes Kristen's face so dark. Oh get the idea.
And the surprise....I don't have a photo BUT....I'm not longer a blonde. Well...sort of....I had my hair appointment last night and told my hairdresser, let's go dramatic. I've been slowing getting up to this point for a while now, and the last time the dark didn't take as well as we hoped it would. This time it did, the dark brown is so dark it almost looks black (it's not)
So I have dark brown side bangs, blonde low & hi-lights on top and all the rest is the same dark brown. You'll see photos next week, as of today I'm taking a mini vacation until Tuesday.
Have a great weekend and lots of great photos next week!
Happy Thursday :)

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