Monday, June 30, 2008

Last Weekend in Review.....

yes last weekend, because I didn't do it last week and this past weekend I didn't take any pictures.
Last weekend we went to St. Jacobs Market to buy some fresh bread, fruits & veggies. We also ended up buying some YUMMY all natural tea leaves. We're already out and wanting to buy more.
On the way home Kristen asked if we wanted to detour to a town called Elmira. We decided we'd check out their farmers market too (not much there though) but where we parked we saw this!

And this....
I had to put the "vintage" look on them cause I thought it was SO COOL to see the horse & buggy tied up at the local grocery store :)
Apparently there's a lot of Amish people who live in this part of Ontario. I found it so intriguing since it isn't something you see everyday.
Oh to live such a simple life :)
Bet ya the amish people aren't complaining about gas prices!

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