Wednesday, June 25, 2008


First I apologize for no post yesterday, things have been very busy both at work and at home and my blog is what suffers. I'm sorry
Second....I still don't have last weekends pictures uploaded so no weekend in review post.
Third I do have some updates!!
We're parents!! Our puppy was born on June 21st...we'll be getting a female from the litter in August. Here's a picture of the Mom Gabby and all the little puppies. If it looks like some have spots on them, they do. Blue for boy, pink for girl. Since this photo they've now each been given a ribbon to determined what sex they are.
And the bunny is STILL in the backyard, much to Kristen's dismay...eating our vegetable garden! He's put chicken wire around it, he's put boards where they're might be a small opening for the bunny to get in and the little critter still finds a way to get in. We "think" we've found & covered all the holes last night so we'll see.
However, I must say he's awfully cute and I would love to keep him as a pet. Probably won't happen but I can enjoy him in the mean time.
And that's it for today. Happy Wednesday!
Keep smiling :)

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