Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Myrna's Cafe

As I've mentioned before my friend Myrna up and left the mainland to move back to Newfoundland. Not only to live the "newfie lifestyle" but to run her own business. She took over a local convenience store (even though it's much more than that) with the intentions of renovating the upstairs into a bakery/cafe.
She has great ideas, and as I've said before (if not on this blog to my friends at least) if anyone was going to take on such an endeavour as this & succeed it would be Myrna. It's just who she is :)
She has a lot of great ideas for the cafe. She's having all Fair Trade coffee/tea. Wikipedia explains Fair trade as an organized social movement and market-based approach to alleviating global poverty and promoting sustainability. Go to the website for further explanation. She's also having Organic smoothies Yum!! Not to mention all baked goods will be homemade and not full of preservatives. I'm so impressed with her plans & ideas.
Sunday night she gave me a call, telling me about how she's going to put art/photography of local artists on the walls of her cafe. BUT it will be for sale. Which I think is a great idea...so she's telling me of the locals that she's asking if they want to put their products there, an then she asks me if I want to put some of my Nfld photography there since I am a local per se...I just haven't been a resident for a while....lol.
I couldn't believe she asked me but told her a definite yes and that I'd have a package together for her in 2 weeks. I'm so flattered and excited at the same time.
This week has been an extremely encouraging week for me in the photography world. I often doubt myself since I'm very much an amateur.....but another friend of mine picked up on this and gave me a note with some of the sweetest words of encouragement that basically said I'm rootin' for you to succeed. I know it doesn't seem like much but it was EXACTLY what I needed to hear & meant so much to me.
Anyway....if you want to check out my 2008 "display" for Myrna's cafe...head on over to my photo blog.

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