Monday, May 12, 2008

Missions Trip

My brother just returned from a missions trip to Sosua, Dominican Republic. Where they helped build a church amongst many other things. Before he went an email had been sent out with a list of items they were in need of. A few of my friends/family definitely stepped up to the plate and gave great donations. These empty shelves at the medical centre is where all of these items will be going.
And here's a few shots of my brother with some of the kids. They're from the school the visited, the church and other local areas. He told me as soon as this little boy saw him he came running to him asking for a piggy back ride. I told my brother that was because he's over 6 feet tall and was the best seat in the house :)
This little girl, Julianne had a spot for my brother. Apparently another group of missionaries go to this same area and there's another gentleman who looks similar to my brother and she always wants to be up with him as well.
This is a photo taken on a camera phone of the whole group, part of the group is from Brampton and the other part from Cape Breton.
And I'll finish off with this shot of my bro with these "just too cute" little boys :)
He had a great trip and thanks again to everyone who donated. You see right here where those donations went.
Happy Monday!

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