Thursday, April 17, 2008

College Roommate

As I was checking my emails this morning, I had a notification that my college roommate had written on my wall....."Good Morning Beautiful Friend! Just wanted to say HI!Im off to work...Have a great day!"
So today I'm going to tell you about her since it was just awesome to have that message there and honestly it will probably be the hi-light of my day (I'm big on the small things)
We met via telephone, she called me up one day, the summer before we left for college, we had mutual friends (she's from the same town as a childhood friend of mine) but hadn't really met per se, and asks if I'd be her roommate for college. You have no idea how big a relief this was for me. This was something I was really worried about since I was moving out of province, away from home for the first time, and so on.
My roommate was actually kind of famous in Nfld in the Christian world. She's a singer, a GREAT singer, no let me correct myself, she's an AMAZING singer. Seriously, she's one of those few people that can hit those high notes and was in a group that became pretty well known for a short period of time (that's another story) Then after college she went on to become a member of a group called P3 that was the new up and coming Christian group until tragedy (again another story) all of which has made her who she is today. She's loving and gorgeous! She has a very outgoing personality (definitely not a shy bone in her body), loves to laugh, have fun, eat and sleep :) Well she did when we were in college.
We have stayed in touch since college, not to the point where we're best friends or chat all the time. But there were always random emails, chats on MSN, always a Christmas card, you get the idea. Facebook has been wonderful because I'm more in touch with her now than ever. That being said, she was always someone I thought about. If you don't know that I'm a "thinker" by now then I digress, but I am and I often think about people. She's one of the people that's on my mind.
I'm not sure why, it could be that she has such a charismatic personality that I'm just completely drawn to her probably like every other person that has met her. It could be that she's one of the very few college friends that I had that hasn't completely abandoned or judged me because of my lack of going to church. And yes there have been some. And yes there have been some who are still my friends and treat me the same. But that's another post for another day...simply said....just because I don't "practice" doesn't mean I no longer believe.
Anyway.....she's just awesome. She has so much talent, not just singing but photography as well. And I wanted to share how wonderful she is, just because she made my day and someone who does random acts of kindness like that, deserves good things to be noted and said about them.
To my college roommate....Thanks :)
To those of you who prayed for my Uncle yesterday, thank you...he's not out of the woods but doing much better.
Your challenge random act of kindness. You have no idea how much it might mean to that person. Good Karma & Happy Thursday!

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