Friday, April 18, 2008

Good Things

It's a beautiful Friday-sunny and warm. Things are busy but well.
Have a busy weekend ahead of us, tonight dinner out with friends, Saturday I have a photo shoot which I am totally psyched about, and Sunday Kristen & I have an appt that's a long drive to and from...meaning our day will be spent doing mostly driving.
Back to the business of the photo shoot, did I mention I'm excited? I am for a number of reasons, first because I love doing maternity/pregnancy shoots. Second, because the woman I'm photgraphing is just too cute and sweet. Third, this booking was all on my own, the past shoots have been for a friend, through a friend, sort of deal. She saw my work, liked my work, hired me :) Fourth, since I'm just starting out it's easy to have doubt, which I've had lately, so this has given me confidence back into my work, my passion, and why I do it. Fifth, in this field there is ALWAYS something new to learn, so I am looking forward to trying out some new techniques, poses, editing (which I'm still relunctant to change the original picture "too" much), and you get the idea.
Sorry if I'm boring you.....
Anyway, as soon as I have the "sneak peek" ready on my photo blog I'll let you know so you can take a look and maybe give me some constructive criticism or kudo's for a job well done :)
I finish today's post with a thought for the day:
"I believe the only reason we're here is to find out what we love…and get about the business of living it."—Oprah

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