Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mashed Potatoes

Tired of the same 'ol mashed potatoes? In the words of Emeril, why not "kick it up a notch"
I have a few things that I do with potatoes when I mash them instead of adding the usual milk & butter. I add fried bacon bits or fried onions....see below:
Potatoes boiling
While they're boiling fry up some onions in butter

Mmm...looks good doesn't it?
Then pour onions & the butter right into your mashed potatoes. Mix well...YUM!!
I do exactly the same with bacon I even add a bit of the bacon grease for flavour (just a wee bit) and voila....a bit of a twist on a regular weekly sidedish ;)

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Daphne Hughes said...

We use butter and instead of milk...cream cheese. Yummy!