Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Exciting News

Remember one day last week I said I "possibly" had exciting news?'s been confirmed....I'm pregnant! No....I told you already I wasn't pregnant!!
The real news is, I was asked to be a photographer for a wedding this summer. I!?!?! When I started out doing this picture taking business...I said nope, NEVER doing a wedding...that's what I get for saying never.
The truth is, I don't take pictures to make money, I don't take pictures in hopes that down the road I will quit my job and photography will be my full time job (though it wouldn't be a bad thing), I take pictures because I love it, and I love people....thus why most of my pictures are of people :)
So when the offer came, it's in August for a small wedding of a girl I knew as kids growing up in Nfld. Haven't seen her in years (if you don't count I thought about it, talked it over with Kristen, did some research on packages and prices, and here we are. I'm booked and really looking forward to it. Am I nervous? absolutely...but I know it'll be good experience and the bride to be is fully aware of my abilities. I look at it as a win-win situation.
I'm just so surprised how things are working out for me...I shouldn't be because I should be more positive about these things...but when I posted on this blog that I was booking sessions, I didn't get ANY feedback. the past two weeks, I have a booking for the end of Feb, a possible booking for May and now the wedding. It's seems to be going along with everything I've been hearing and reading lately...if you think positively and see things that you want for yourself and your life, eventually it will come to you.
In light of all this, I was reading on Oprah's website today about the book called The Secret (on my list of books to read) which is basically about living life by a philosophy of emphasis on positive thinking and living your best life through the idea of the law of attraction. Kind of a "I think therefore I am" and the laws of the universe will bring back to you what you put out there. You put out negative, you'll get it right back. So I'm embracing my passion for photography and putting out a positive vibe and whatever comes from it, so be it.
I leave you today with this challenge (also taken from the Oprah website):
Write three things on a sticky note that you would like drawn into your life and look at it daily.
It goes on to say "You don't have to look at it too hard, but just look at it every day. Then notice how long it takes for at least one of those items to show up"
If you do this...think about your life and your deepest wishes if "whatever" wasn't holding you back....and try not to put "material" items...this isn't the point of it.
Good Luck....let me know when something shows up :) you never know unless you try....

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Myrna Hynes said...

Finally got a chance to check your blog today....eeek! So behind!
Just wanted to say again how excited I am for you about the upcoming wedding shoot, I know you'll do a great job!