Friday, February 15, 2008

Flowers & Passing

I stick with my statement that Valentine's really isn't THAT big of a deal...yet....I must admit I did buy the hubby a card and some heart-shaped peanut butter chocolates. Not because I wanted anything in return, and it certainly was not an expensive gift, just because I wanted too and I did get caught up in the hype. But I really did think I was going home to a nice bbq steak (which was's been way too long since I had such a good steak) and some nice Greek pasta salad. Oh and the glass of wine...who could forget the wine?? That was until I walked in the door .....
...and I saw this....'s another angle...
Seriously....just SO sweet! I was very surprised but appreciative. Kristen really didn't have to do this, him cooking dinner was more than enough but then he goes and does this too?? Not only does he score major brownie points. It just adds to the list of MANY reasons why I love him and why he's my husband. Love you!

I do however, have "some-what" sad news...last night we got the news that Kristen's great-grandmother passed away. And yes it's very sad that she passed, but really how can we be sad? She was 99 years old, was full of spunk and lived a great life. Thus why I only say "some-what" because her life should be celebrated...not mourned. If only we all live as long and as happy.

Happy Long Weekend to the Ontario readers who get the new Family Day holiday. To the rest of you...happy Friday...til next week. Oh and the techincal difficulties are fixed so next week all basement updates and scrapbook layouts.

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