Monday, February 4, 2008

Exhausted.... how I'm feeling today....had SUCH a busy weekend. Friday we got hit with a snow storm, so up extra early to get to work on time, then a very late hockey game for Kristen. Saturday I shovelled the driveway while Kristen was working VERY hard at the basement, then I went grocery shopping and then off to Cambridge for my Uncle's 40th Surprise birthday party. Sunday Blaine & I went to Peterborough to visit my cousins Vanessa (who lives in Peterborough with her husband & kids) & Heather (who's up visiting from Nfld). Today I feel like I haven't even been to bed yet...guess the travelling and busy schedule caught up with me. I'm actually sipping a really strong coffee as I write this.
So today's post will be pictures of the Saturday birthday party, tomorrow will be the Sunday visit.
This is the card my Aunt Bernice bought for all the guests to sign:
Guests in the living room watching Uncle Bert open his gifts
More guests in the kitchen

My cousin Dana with Nikki (Aunt Bernice's & Uncle Bert's family dog) Isn't she cute?

Some of my Mom's family....Left to Right:

Sister Grace, Sister Georgina, Sister Bernice (Uncle Bert's wife, if you haven't figured that out already) and Brother George.

Uncle Bert about to blow out the candles on his Birthday cake :)

Here's to the first 40 Uncle Bert & hopefully to many many more :)

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