Monday, January 7, 2008

Dirty Dancing

Went to see Dirty Dancing this weekend in Toronto. It was AWESOME. I would say it's about 95% like the movie, some parts aren't quite like it, obviously cause it's on stage, it's a musical, and there were a couple little sections they added for stage purposes. But overall it was great...I actually really enjoyed the new twist on it.
The hi-light of the show was when Johnny came back and says "Nobody puts Baby in the corner" the whole place just went UP in major cheers and was awesome. Have I said that already? :)
The tickets were a little expensive and to get cheaper seats you're limiting yourself to leg room since the Royal Alexandra Theatre is quite old (the stairs creak as you're walking to your seats) but I love the old buildings. The giant chandliers and paintings on the cieling are amazing. And I really didn't mind the tight quarters for the most part.
If you have the extra money, are a fan of the movie, and going to be in Toronto this winter, strongly recommend you taking in the show. It's the perfect girls day or night out event, if I do say so myself :)
Happy Monday!

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