Friday, January 4, 2008

New Years Eve

Here's a couple of shots from New Years....we spent the festive "eve" with friends at Corey, Vicky & little Reed's house. I would call it an intimate quiet New Years and I think it was exactly what I needed and I still had fun. What a better way to kick off my year to be "still" then a quiet New Years Eve?
And now for the photos....first a bit of poker. I didn't play, I split my time up with spectating and helping to take care of Reed. But I really like this shot of the poker chips and then the rest of them blurred in the background where they're piled in the middle of the table. If you look really close you can even see Vicky's stacks of chips on the table by her arm.
Kristen playing poker....
The disadvantage of being a photographer (amateur at that) is when someone actually does get a picture of you (well me...) it looks like this....geesh...there's really no hope
And the kiss at midnight...we're so freakin' hope there either...LOL :)

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