Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Steamin' Hot Tuesday

"The impulses that make a fool or worse of us in certain circumstances may be necessary for our happiness." -- Gertrude Atherton
I am probably one of the few people LOVING the heat that we're having right now. Today is supposed to go up to 34 plus humidity which will make it STEAMIN' HOT....I probably wouldn't feel this way if I had to work in it, but being in a freezing office definitely makes the weather outside enjoyable.
Didn't do a whole lot last night...went for a walk and was finally able to get some time on Facebook. I've been suffering withdrawl since we have a computer virus and haven't been able to use the internet at home. It's still limited access but better than nothing.
Tonight I'll go to ball hockey...haven't been in a couple of weeks now so should be fun to get out and watch the boys play. Plus another excuse to be outside and enjoy the heat.
Anyway....not much to say today....Happy Tuesday!

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Stephanie said...

It`s not steaming hot here-but it is at least 20 degrees so not bad for NL