Thursday, June 28, 2007

Long Weekend BABY!

Not sure if I'll have time to post tomorrow so I'll do it today....because I'm SO excited about the long weekend! Woo-hoo!!

We're going camping to an actual campsite and not just "up to the land" where there's a pool, and a river, and actual campers ;) There's a few of us going (approx 8 of us...I think) so should be lots of fun! And the weather is supposed to be nice too...another bonus.

On Saturday we'll leave for a little while, to go attend my Family Picnic at my Aunt's Trailer. I've never been so that should be an adventure.

What else....tonight I'll be heading out to Kristen's ball hockey game. They lost 2-1 on Tuesday but it was a GREAT game, except for all the fighting in the 3rd period, stupid boys and all the testosterone.

And to finish...I'M SORRY for not posting pictures lately I have over 100 pics on my camera to download but due to a virus on the computer at home I don't want to take a chance on downloading them and end up losing them. Hopefully sooner than later everything will be up & running and you'll be bombarded with lots of happy kodak moments :)

Happy Canada Day!

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