Monday, May 7, 2007

Facebook & Neighbours

What a great weekend!!...for so many different reasons. First I had a much needed "Christa" weekend...I didn't do half of what I had hoped as mentioned in my last post but I did do enough :) Friday I relaxed...and did a bit of laundry.
Saturday I slept in til about 9:30 (it was so great) and then made breakfast, spent some time on the computer...checking emails, checking Facebook, doing some banking and uploading the rest of my Cuba pictures to the Costco website so I can email them in for printing. Then did all my house cleaning, finished my laundry, baked some cookies and then spent the afternoon in the backyard with Steph and Tristan. When she left, I decided to go back out since it was such nice weather and ended up chatting with my neighbours both the "left side" and "right side" people.
And boy do I have awesome neighbours! The ones on the right are a couple around the ages of Kristen and I (they are recently engaged) and the ones on the left are two brothers I would guess a wee bit older than Kristen and I but not much.
I just have to say how fascinating they all are...they all have their passions and backgrounds that make them such interesting people. On the right we have the artist/musician & the chef, on the left we have an antique collector/photographer and a traveller. Then I look at Kristen who is the hunter/hockey player & myself who's a hodge podge of doesn't know what she wants or who she is Let's see....I'm the amateur scrapbooker/photographer, recipe tester, not so good vball player and blogger :) have I summed it up?'s not the point...the point is I love my neighbours. Today we actually start putting in our fences (battle lines have been drawn!) no seriously though, I totally believe good fences make good neighbours and I don't want to ruin what we have because in all the places Kristen and I have lived the past few years (it's a lot) this has been my favourite place and the best neighbours thus far.
So back to Facebook....I've met up with an old friend who has her own website for clothes that she's designs...please if you have time click the link and take a look at her stuff. I really think she has talent and considering buying one of the pieces that really caught my eye when I was looking. It's
Happy Monday everyone! It's a beautiful day out there :)

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