Friday, May 4, 2007

Grey's Spoiler

So if you haven't seen last nights episode of Grey's Anatomy yet...this IS a spoiler. I just HAVE to talk about it....
Can NOT believe George kissed Izzy....I have such mixed emotions about it all. Cause I love Calle especially when she looked like she was going to kick Christina's ass for asking her to be a bridesmaid :) But then George and Izzy are best friends so it just makes sense.
Then there's Meredith's dad whacking her in the face...brutal, just brutal.
AND Addison's spin off show, I'm already a fan but deep down I still want her to hook up with McSteamy so I don't know...see how that pans out.

This weekend....oh the options....
Kristen is going with a couple of the boys Turkey hunting. And I am REALLY looking forward to a weekend to MYSELF! My only problem...I don't know what to do cause there are so many things I could do.
Tonight I've decided to do all my cleaning, laundry and possibly see if I can finish up painting the main floor...I know HIGH hopes :) but if I can then I have all day Saturday to do whatever I damn well please. What a feeling!!
So some of the ideas swirling around are....first I get to SLEEP IN! then there's scrapbooking, but the weather is supposed to be really nice. Just be outside, doing what? I'm not exactly sure yet, go for a walk, go shopping (even though the $ is little) do some gardening, cause I have my cutting garden to get planted up. And then there's always good 'ol photography...I've been wanting to get out and take some pictures since I have a couple rolls of film just itching to be exposed and whenever I read these blogs:
I'm inspired to get out and take some snaps. Mind you, I don't have the talent, knowledge or techonology these ladies have, but it's definitely something to aspire to. I'm slowing learning more about photography and loving it more and more when I do.
Saturday night I think I will make it a night to pamper myself...have a bath, do the manicure, peticure, etc, cook myself I nice meal that I love and normally wouldn't cook since it may not be one of Kristen's favourites, and then watch CHICK FLICKS! Not sure which ones yet, I'll decide that tomorrow.
And then Sunday lunchtime Kristen will be home and we'll have the rest of the weekend together. We might even have some company to entertain for dinner but not sure on that yet.
Anyway...have a GREAT weekend everyone! I know I will :)

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