Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Reading this article from Chatelaine about "Affluenza" by Heather Mallick...just want to copy/paste some of the points of the article that really stuck out to me:

Affluenza is British psychologist Oliver James word for a "contagious middle-class virus causing depression, anxiety, addiction and ennui" stemming from a hunger for money, flashy possessions, youthful good looks and fame.
Real estate: Since when did a home become an investment, rather than a place where the children felt safe?
Work: When was the last time someone told you they loved their job and respected the company they worked for?
Appearances: Facelifted women look eight months younger, sure, but they look as if they've been injected with The Fear.
City tractors: I cannot respect anyone driving a Hummer unless they are actually towing combine harvesters from farm to farm. But people buy these things to drive a block or two, always with a smug look, as though they are masters of all they survey.
Fame: This one is truly perverse. Fame is fleeting. Success in a glass menagerie such as show business makes aspirants less secure, not more so, which explains why so many celebrities divide their time between performing and rehab.

The vaccine to the virus, James says, is to be, rather than to have. Aim for authenticity rather than presenting a flawless face. Instead of buying compulsively, follow the artist William Morris's rule and own nothing that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.
Finding and keeping a job is terrifying. So cut down on the pointless spending that keeps you on the brink. Appreciate your non-monster home and your small gas-conserving car. Buy clothes that last for years, not just a season. Remember that your children, not you, come first.

Want less.

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