Wednesday, April 25, 2007


What a week...and it's only Wednesday. I feel really good about this week, I feel like I have gotten (is that a word?) so much accomplished.
Not only do I feel productive at work and actually getting some old issues resolved, I've also been productive on the home front.
Since Monday, I have done my taxes (we'll not go into that because for the first time in my life I OWE money and it's quite a large sum...must be the whole switching jobs and transferring RRSP's and s%^*) caught up on some paperwork including filling out forms to start more rrsp's so I don't have to pay in taxes next year. I have finished ALL my laundry, since last week was a complete write off AND packed away all my winter clothes and took out all my summer clothes (well whatever was remaining that didn't go to Cuba with me)
Mind you, I still have a tonne of things to do around the house, spring cleaning, finish painting the main floor, and general odds and ends that never go away but overall I feel good about my progress this week.
Tonight is our last night of volleyball for the season :( and if we win tonight we get a prize for the year! If we lose, then that's it, we're just finished without anything to "show" for it. Only our
Tomorrow night Kristen's ball hockey season begins with the Inglewood Ball Hockey League not sure if I'm going to tomorrow night's game because Ugly Betty & Grey's Anatomy are new episodes. Now that I think about it...probably not ;)
And there goes my momentum of my productive week since it'll tv night...oh well, I still feel good about what has been accomplished. Maybe this weekend I'll pick up where I'm leaving off. See how that goes?!?!

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Myrna said...

Great to hear you're getting so much house is a total write-off...ugh!
I could come over and help you with your painting if you want me sarah seems to sleep pretty good at your house :)