Thursday, March 29, 2007

Countdown to Varadero...

Varadero, Cuba (Matanzas) courtesy Forecast

Saturday, Apr 7
Sunny. Winds from the NE at 14 km/h. Realfeel®: 29 °C High: 28 °C
Sunday, Apr 8
Plenty of sunshine. Winds from the E at 11 km/h. Realfeel®: 30 °C High: 28 °C
Monday, Apr 9
Intervals of clouds and sunshine. Winds from the E at 8 km/h. Realfeel®: 32°C High: 30 °C
Tuesday, Apr 10
Humid with a blend of sun and clouds. Winds from the E at 12km/h. Realfeel®: 32°C High: 29°C
Wednesday, Apr 11
Humid with clouds and sun. Winds from the E at 12 km/h. Realfeel®: 32 °C High: 29 °C
Thursday, Apr 12
Partly sunny and humid. Winds from the E at 6 km/h. Realfeel®: 35 °C High: 30 °C



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