Thursday, April 5, 2007

In True Facebook Lingo

Christa is sorry she didn't blog all week.
Christa is glad today is the last day of the work week.
Christa is SO EXCITED about going to Varadero, Cuba in 2 sleeps!
Christa has officially spent all of her birthday money :(
Christa got really good deals with her birthday money :)
Christa didn't go on Facebook yesterday because she had volleyball and is suffering withdrawl.
Christa wonders why Facebook talks in "3rd Person"
Christa wants to say again how excited she is that she's going to Cuba!
Christa wishes all her friends were going with her :(
Christa is sad that Ugly Betty & Grey's Anatomy are re-runs tonight.
Christa wishes her Aunt Bernice a Happy Birthday tomorrow.
Christa cut her finger on Kristen's bbq yesterday & it hurts to type.
Christa is aggravating herself because she's using this lingo.
Christa is wondering if you're aggravated by her using this lingo?
Christa wishes you all a very Happy Easter!!


Stephanie said...

I`m not aggravated-I think it`s funny!!

myrna_weblog said...
Happy Easter in Cuba to you!

Jenny said...

I'm aggravated. :) I really really really wish we were going with you. I'm so jealous. Have a Pina Colada for me.

Daphne Hughes said...

LMAO, you certainly made me laugh. I hope your trip goes well and Daphne wishes that she was going with Christa to Cuba too. lol.