Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Going on Vacation!!

After much debate, Kristen and I finally booked our vacation. First we were waiting on Jen & Chris, who informed us they couldn't go this year :(
Then we couldn't agree on a place, Punta Cana - Dominican Republic (out of our price range), Cancun - Mexico (still the issue of safety though I was all for going), or Holguin - Cuba (very quiet place and was afraid we would be bored)....there were other factors but that's the jest in trying to decide. When last night it finally got to the point where we seriously considered going back to Varadero, Cuba and to the same resort as last year. Kristen also wanted to get more Cuban cigars and we have some cuban $ left from last year, by accident of course.
So we priced it out and talked about if we should do it or not and as of today...voila! We are booked to go to the Breezes Bella Costa in Varadero, Cuba (it's been renovated, as last year it was called Iberostar Bella Costa) A co-worker of mine went in February with her boyfriend (he was there last year as well) and they said not much changed and had a great time.
So to say the least I'm VERY excited and only have a week and a half to prepare, as we're going Saturday of Easter weekend. I'm very disorganized this year and not even a LITTLE bit ready to go...I should start tanning too I guess...being as pink as I am. Anyway just wanted to share the happy happy news :)


Daphne Hughes said...

Wow....I bet your excited. Can I come too??? lol Just kidding. We finally booked our trip to California for June...I can't wait.

myrna_weblog said...

So excited for you, hope you have a wonderful time. Really wish we were coming along!